Welcome to the
web-builder challenge.
Show us what you can do and we'll give you money.
Got mad web builder chops?
We'll pay you to show us. Up to $2000. 
We're looking for a few folks who know how to build stuff on the internet. Stuff like membership sites, customer portals, blogs, application management systems, video libraries, employee review portals, and so on.


We want to see how fast this stuff can be done using different tools and platforms.

See, we have a platform of our own that we think is pretty cool, but we're always trying to get better. We don't know every tool/platform/method of building apps, so we want to learn from you, and improve our own platform wherever we can. If you can do it faster or better than we can, we want to know how you're doing it.

Build with whatever you want. WordPress and some fancy theme? Airtable? Webflow? Bubble? Hubspot? Salesforce? Something else? All of the above? You wanna code it up by hand?

Knock yourself out. We don't care.

We just want to watch you do it, on video.

And we'll pay for it.

 Ok, how does it work? 
 Watch the challenge video below. Apply. Get approved. Build on video. Submit. Get paid. It's that simple. 
1. Watch the challenge video.
Take a look at the video below which shows the goal. You need to copy this functionality and design. All the features, all the pages.

2. Apply
If you think you can do it, apply! Make a <1min video of yourself looking at the camera. Tell us your name, how long you've been developing stuff on the web, and the tools you think you'll use to complete the challenge. No big deal if you change your mind along the way. We just want to see how you work out the problem.

3. Wait for approval.
We just want to make sure you're on the right track. Plus, we're only going to take 5 people for each challenge. We'll email and text you when you're approved.

4. Build on video.
Here's the fun part. You build the challenge app as close to the demo video design and functionality as you possibly can. But you have to record video of your screen the entire time you build. Yes, we know it could take several hours. Maybe a whole day. Yes, we want your 4 hour or 8 hour or 12 or 16 hour video. However long it takes. Important: review the rules below! If you get this wrong, you're disqualified.

5. Submit your video, tell us your cost, and agree to terms.
Send us the link to your loom video or whatever tool you use. Or upload it directly.

Also, when you upload, you need to tell us what services you used, how much they cost and if they're one-time fees or monthly,etc.

Finally, you must agree that we own the video you made and can use it however we like.

6. Get paid.
As long as you did all the work on video and produced something close to the challenge goal, we'll pay you $300 no matter what.

7. Win $2000!

Once we have 5 submissions, we'll judge them. There are only 2 factors: How close did you get to the result, and did you record the whole thing?

Whoever wins gets $2000.

 That's all there is to it. 
 Today's challenge 
 Watch carefully, cause this is what we want you to build! 
This is important! Read carefully! 
There are only two rules:

1. Record the WHOLE THING.
Pause the video ONLY for breaks. Do not do ANY work whatsoever that's not on video. The reason we're paying you is to watch you figure out how to build this, mistakes and wrong turns and all.

Sign up for services on video. Build everything, every step of the way, on video. Figure things out and fix problems and resolve bugs on video. Contact support for some service you're using on video. Undo your work cause you went down a wrong path and re-do it another way... all on video.

Extra points if you talk your way through it a bit.. tell us what you're doing and why. 

But if ANY work gets done while the video isn't rolling, you're disqualified.

The whole point here is that we want to see how long it actually takes for an experienced builder to actually get this project done. We don't care how long it takes, we just want to know the time and how you go about it. We expect you to make mistakes, fix them, redo work, figure stuff out, read the docs... all on video. We don't care if it takes 2 days. Or 4. We just want to see the real-life, messy process.

So, DO EVERY SINGLE BIT ON VIDEO. DO NOT TURN OFF THE CAMERA WHILE YOU 'FIGURE THINGS OUT.' We want to see the process you go through to figure things out.

If you do a good job, you're welcome to apply for the next challenge too!
2. Start from scratch.
You are welcome to use any tools or platforms you like, but you can't use services or accounts that you already have. You need to sign up as a new user (while recording that process!) and set the whole thing up from scratch.

That means if you're using WordPress, you have to signup for a hosting account and set it up for the first time all on video. If you're using a theme, you have to go buy it and download it and install it... all on video. If you're using an email service to send out notifications, you need to sign up as a new user and set the platform up from scratch, all on video.

The ONLY exceptions to this rule are coding environments and languages. You don't have to install python or whatever you're using from scratch or setup a coding environment if you're building by hand.

But every paid service needs to be signed up for from scratch... on video.

No free trial? No problem: we'll reimburse you for any costs (up to $100)

Ready to get started?
The web-builder challenge
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